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About Melinda NailFanatic


The Spirituality

I'm so grateful that you and I have been introduced into each others current life experience.  I believe that all things are on purpose and nothing is on accident.  Since my life has proven this to me time and time again, I know that this includes our shared experience as well. I began my tarot passion very young as a teenager and have always been drawn to the power of the human being.  As I continued to evolve and grow spiritually, my tarot passion has become increasingly strengthened and have been fully inspired to make my services available to you, my beloved brothers and sisters of humanity.  During these times of the great shift of consciousness long awaited, something that more and more people are looking to is...communication with the divine and divine wholeness.  Since we are all divine in nature this communication is totally available, but sometimes we could use a little assistance in increasing our awareness and understanding, and this is my purpose in providing these services.  My intention is always to empower you to realizing and living your divine nature embracing your own power in this life.  I am excellent and aiding and directing you in identifying and dissolving blockages allowing you to embrace that what this life has in store for you. Tarot works, not because the cards are powerful, but because the human is powerful and chooses to embrace their divine power and abilities.  My readings are very intuitive and channeled messages do come through me. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for choosing to allow me to empower you.

The Artistry

How do you get through tragedy and create beauty from it? The life of Melinda NailFanatic is an answer to that question. Melinda NailFanatic is unique starting from the moment of her birth born 5678, yes that’s May 6, 1978, she moves in harmony with her universe. Melinda NailFanatic is a modern-day renaissance woman in that she has multiple skills and talents in various art forms. She expresses herself in the design of high fashion nail services, intuitive tarot card readings, abstract paintings, drawings, and various mixed media visual arts. She has designed clothing, jewelry and furniture that she has built herself. Her use of color astounds many since she will readily admit to not only being ambidextrous but Color blind as well, coping with a red green color deficiency to create vibrantly colorful masterpieces. Melinda NailFanatic is unique in so many ways and utilizes multiple businesses she has developed To empower her brothers and sisters of humanity that they be provided additional opportunities and experiences to encourage the embracing of each ones own divine nature. All of these manifestations of Melinda NailFanatic come through the experience of many challenges and tragedies to refine herself to be here to present herself willing and openly to all who sit long enough to listen to the words that can catalyze change in their lives. 

The Evolution

Melinda NailFanatic grew up in a home with both parents and a younger sister until she was 15 years old.  She came from a family where lack and limitation were prominent as well as the societal opportunities for destructive cycles showing prominently in the lives of her family, extended family and her neighbors.  Melinda's father had developed a drug habit and Melinda's mother worked to support the family as the main breadwinner.  At 15 and a half years of age, these family imbalances culminated in the very public suicide of Melinda's father in front of her, her mother and her sister, and the entire school students and staff that were present as school was just dismissed.  Melinda's father set himself on fire in his van just after school let out at the corner of 9th & Elati in Denver, CO, USA. For many years Melinda too thought of this experience as the main tragedy that changed her life. From this she was left with family rifts, abandonment issues and questions to her own safety and security.  However, life and it's experiences showed her through the years that the experience of her father's suicide actually empowered her to be a deliberate co-creator and begin to live a life that was more intention that haphazard consequence.  Melinda has transmuted the energy of this situation and allowed the blessings hidden within to empower herself and others by her willingness to self-reflect and be open to learning and sharing.

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